Reach and Rates

Beyond the Hessequa community, 89.6FM broadcasts from the borders of the Groot Rivier to as far as Riviersonderend in the Western Cape, South Africa.


Please contact us on for more information

Advert Types

Teaser                    15 Seconds                    +-40 words                    R300

Advert                    30 Seconds                    +-80 words                    R450

Infomercial           60 Seconds                    +-160 words                  R640

Interview               less than 7 minutes (+1 re air free)

Production cost if required R450

5 Minute 10 Minute 15 Minute 20 Minute 30 Minute
R1400 R2600 R3800 R5000 R6100

Please note all our ads are aired after each news feed or show.

Times of news feeds are:

06.00hrs to 15.00hrs and 17.00hrs to 19.00hrs in the evenings on weekdays.

Saturday news feeds are 11,00hrs to 13.00 hrs only.

We can also offer banner ads for the following:

Sports rack. Fridays 17.30hrs and Saturday 11.30hrs

Tight Rugby show Mon 17.00hrs

Racing line motor show. Tues 17.30hrs

On line cricket  Wed. 17.30hrs

Half time soccer show. Thurs 17.00hrs

Drama series.  16.30hrs weekdays. Omnibus Saturdays 15.30hrs

‘Uit en Tuis’ A local rural show introducing country life and people (2 per week. Mon 13.15hrs, Frid 18.30hrs

‘Classical music hour’ A Sunday afternoon show of classical music  Sun 15.00hrs

‘Kindbende’ A children’s show age range 3yrs to 12 yrs

Various Christian shows mostly at night, Sundays  and off peak hours