Reach and Rates

Beyond the Hessequa community, 89.6FM broadcasts from the borders of the Groot Rivier to as far as Riviersonderend in the Western Cape, South Africa.


Please contact us on for more information

Advert Types

Teaser                    15 Seconds                    +-40 words                    R375

Advert                    30 Seconds                    +-80 words                    R540

Infomercial           60 Seconds                    +-160 words                  R750

Interview               less than 7 minutes (+1 re air free)

Production cost for any of the above includes a standard R495

5 Minute 10 Minute 15 Minute 20 Minute 30 Minute
R1980 R3250 R4620 R5940 R7150

PACKAGES on request from R3,200 per month 

Please note all our ads are aired after each news feed or show.

Banner adverts (top and tails ie this program is brought to you by……plus a short teaser) R1290 per show