Jan Brand

7:30am & 11:30am Sunday Die Christus Gemeente in Vaalharts het in 1985 ontstaan uit die openbaring van die Geregtigheid van God – die ware en volle implikasie van die offer van die Seun van God, Jesus Christus, op Golgota. Met hierdie openbaring in hul harte het Jan en Henda Brand hulle denominasionele bande met die tradisionele kerk verbreek en in hul sitkamer as gesin begin om die Woord te oordink en te ondersoek. Nog ‘n gesin het by die gesprek aangesluit en dit het nie lank geneem voordat die sitkamer te klein geword het vir die mense nie. Verskeie persele is gebruik om byeen te kom oor die jare en uiteindelik is 2009 ‘n stuk grond aangekoop in Jan Kempdorp waarop ‘n kompleks opgerig kon word waaruit die Gemeente kon funksioneer. Die gebou is in Oktober 2011 in gebruik geneem.

Focus on the Family

10:30am Monday - Friday Focus on the family's mission is to cooperate with the Holy Spirit in sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ with as many people as possible by nurturing and defending the God-ordained institution of the family and promoting biblical truths worldwide.

Kenneth Copeland Ministries

At Kenneth Copeland Ministries, we take God’s Word as final authority. That’s why for more than 50 years, ever since the Lord told Kenneth Copeland to preach the uncompromised Word of God on every available voice, proclaiming the truth of God’s Word and His unconditional love has been the focus and mission of Kenneth Copeland Ministries. Over the years, Kenneth and Gloria Copeland have delivered to you Bible-based teaching articles about faith, love, healing, prosperity, redemption, righteousness, the anointing and the principles of victorious Christian living.

The Gospel Truth - Andrew Wommack

9am, 10am Sunday

9pm Monday - Thursday

Teaching God's Unconditional Love and Grace

Adventure Odyssey

15:30am Monday - Friday Adventures in Odyssey is an award-winning audio drama series created for kids ages 8-12 and enjoyed by the whole family. Episodes last an average of twenty-five minutes and are perfect for car rides. The episodes teach lasting truths and bring biblical principles to life, with just the right balance of fun, faith and imagination. The stories are brought to life by actors who make you feel like part of the experience and teach kids how to deepen their relationship with Jesus. Episodes often start with the grandfatherly Mr. Whittaker (“Whit”), who runs an ice cream shop called Whit’s End. Young friends from all over town come to Whit for advice, and his employees (perky Connie Kendall and genius Eugene Meltsner) often learn as much as the kids! And Wooton Bassett, the zany, fun loving mail man, helps the kids in his own unique way.

Ouma Tiekie

Ouma Tiekie' Storietyd vir Kinders Airs every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 06:30am and repeats at 14:30pm

Daisy se Bybelstories

Daisy se Bybelstories airs every Tuesday and Thursday at 06:30am and repeats at 14:30pm

Psalms & Gebed

8pm Saturday & Sunday

Sports with Gareth Burley

Gareth Burley photo - small English sport shows and daily sports updates

The Third Umpire (Cricket) on Mondays
The Drivers Seat (Motor Sports) Tuesdays
Up and Under (Rugby) Wednesdays
Off Side (Football) Thursdays
Games Show (Mixed Sport) Fridays
Sportssessie Saturdays

Planet Sport football Africa with Steve Vickers

I’m Steve Vickers welcoming you to the PLANET SPORT FOOTBALL AFRICA show on Gateway Radio 89.6 every Saturday morning at 0900.

This is a show all about Africans playing elite football both on the continent and in the major football leagues around the world.

We keep you up to date with your favourite teams and African players in the English Premier League, the African major competitions of CHAN and AFCON and the development of football in your country.

Correspondents and reporters from various parts of Africa and the UK contribute to the weekly show bringing to  you the ups and downs of life in football and in the life of the professional footballer.

You can become part of the weekly programme with others as we include Social Media response in each  show.


Alta Blomerus


Uit en Tuis

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Koffie Kuier

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Williene Fuller Finance reports

Eddie Goldberg Agriskoop

Pieter Jordaan afrikaans sports reports and sports sessie