Solar Radios

It is our intention to hand out solar powered radios, which will transmit only our station with an additional audio bible installed. In addition to Christian programming, we will give community forums the opportunity to proffer information regarding local clinics, blood donor services, police info, library and literacy programmes, HIV/AIDS awareness, healthy and affordable cookery, sustainable vegetable gardening, matric revision and much more.

These radios have to be imported from Galcom in Canada and because of duty fees are fairly expensive at about R250 each. The good news is that they are fairly indestructible as well as water resistant. We have been linked together with transworld radio who have made this possible.

Both Natalie Turco and Dave Hotchkiss have been amazingly helpful and the R5000 which they awarded us from their annual tithe fund has enabled us to get our license application in to ICASA.

Their annual conference is coming up in June and Danie du Preez (our technical liaison director) will be representing us there.

It is our intention to work with them through Danie Du Preez (from Trans World Radio) in order to supply solar powered radios which transmit Gateway radio only and have additional audio bibles installed.
For the many who live in rural areas, are illiterate and have no electricity, these radios will literally change lives.