Board Members and Staff

Salomon Joubert - Director



Wayne Morgan - Director

Sally Nicholls - Station Manager

Sally is the founder and heart of Gateway Radio.

Duran Fielies - Recording Engineer

From Slangrivier near Heidelberg, he is as excited as we are about Gateway Radio! It is wonderful to have found a member of our local community who is trained and equipped to work for us. He is a lovely young Christian who has drive and wisdom. We are grateful to CCFM radio who have gone the extra mile in assisting Duran in relocating to cape town in order to do his internship with the station. He graduated from CAE last year and will be our technical and recording engineer at Gateway Radio when we are up and running. Our pre-production studio will be equipped to offer recording facilities as well as the day to day programming. Duran will head up this department as well as train up our staff in their various positions.

Rouve Stanfliet

Elmarie Steyn - Treasurer

Pastor Mark October - Marketing

Deona Aucamp - Early morning news reporter (Mon, Wed, Fri - Afrikaans)